Monoganon album launch

Rory, Andrew, Colin, John, B McKenna, ‘Knowledge’ Kearney, Cowan, McIntyre disrespectively, or collectively Monoganon, return to launch their new LP Songs To Swim to at Mono on Monday, 7 March,

“Monoganon have produced a vinyl LP which is as much a visual as it is an aural experience; a multi-sensory package. Artists Jason Mowry and Rob Churm provided the cover art and liner note design respectively. Magic eye style collage on the inside of the gatefold by John. Enclosed with each vinyl is an envelope containing a photograph taken by John while on an adventure in the summer of 2010 and a CD-r of the album. Given that only 500 copies of Songs To Swim To have been
made, this album truly merits the excitement that a ‘limited edition’ tag usually generates.”

Facebook event

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