Take part in a day of music and sound!

Tramway Family Day: John Cage Musicircus 2 is a development of the hugely popular event held in the venue in May 2010 featuring live music, sound and light installations, workshops, explorations of sound technology and silence all suitable for babies, toddlers, children and their families.

Full Programme:

(suitable for all ages)

11am – 11.45am
The songs and poems of Paisley poet Robert Tannahill.
Set to new music by a group of untraditional folk musicians.

12.30pm – 2pm
Jer Reid and Rosalind Masson
Performance – Play/Workshop – Performance
Three 20-minute sections with live action and video. The performers explore more deeply the relationship between sound and movement. Inviting everyone to respond in movement to what they see and hear. Children under 8 yrs must be accompanied by an adult.

3pm – 4pm
Ensemble Thing
Hoketus and Narayana’s Cows
Ensemble Thing will surround you with glorious stereo sound as they split in two to play Louis Andriessen’s 1976 masterpiece.

4.45pm – 5.30pm
Second Hand Marching Band
Playing God
An interactive performance of meditation and euphoria with 17 piece band and marching drums.

(suitable for all ages)

11am – 4pm
Tag Team
“I love the activity of sound. What it does is it gets louder and quieter, it gets higher and lower, it gets longer and shorter. I’m completely satisfied with that.” – John Cage

1.30pm – 2pm
In Between
Indepen-dance performance company – an integrated group of dancers – explores the boundaries between performers and audience, between visibility and invisibility, between bodies and stories.

4pm – 4.30pm
Wounded Knee
The Big Blaw Oot
An open invitation to make some joyous noise with any mouth blown instrument you can lay yer lips on!


12noon – 4.30pm
Stevenson College Edinburgh
Live Wires
We’ve hacked together a bunch of laptops, drum machines, effects units, video cameras and stuff… come and have a play. Ages 8+

10am – 4pm
Katy Wilson and Kim Moore
Sleep Soundly
Lie Down, Feel the Music, and Listen to the Light. Ages 0-5

11am – 1pm
Alex Tobin
My Boat
Equal parts Nintendo, Cage and carpentry; My Boat offers an opportunity to play with electronic music as if it were a physical thing. Ages 5+

2pm – 4pm
Tones, Drones and Mobile Phones
John Cromar’s live performance makes use of everyday domestic appliances, which are manipulated into making euphoric or apocalyptic sounds. Ages 5+


11am – 11.30am
Andrew Cowan
Using paper crepe balls to create a soft rhythmic performance. Ages 5-10

12noon – 1.30pm
Charlotte Govan
Science of Sound
A drop in workshop. Learn a little about what makes sound and how we can make sound for ourselves. Ages 5-10.

2pm – 2.30pm
Andrew Cowan
Creating simple harmony together using tuned glockenspiels. Ages 5-10

3pm – 4pm
Erica Von Stein
Everyone who has ever listened to, or enjoyed a song – has enjoyed poetry. Come and unleash your inner poet & create music with others. Ages 8-14.

No need to book: all activities and performances are free. Some workshops have limited places available, so make sure you arrive early as places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Please contact Tramway Box Office if you or your child have any additional needs or questions about the suitability of activities.

Event in association with:
John Cage: Every Day is a Good Day,
Hunterian Art Gallery, 19 February – 2 April 2011.
Open Monday – Saturday, 9.30am – 5.00pm, admission free. Visit http://www.glasgow.ac.uk/hunterian for further details.

Tramway Family Days are supported by
Glasgow Life and Creative Scotland

Special Thanks to The John Cage Trust

Illustration © Erin McGrath

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