Live review: Golden Grrrls (supporting Crystal Stilts) at The Arches, 27/3/11

Tonight’s set sees a rusty sounding Golden Grrrls, jokingly trying to remember how to play their own songs, including their recent single ‘Beaches’.

‘Beaches’ marks the turning point in the set as the noisy melody-tinted slacker trio find their feet and settle in. If it weren’t for a handful of letters and the gender of one of the guitarists, you might be forgiven for thinking you were actually watching the Vivian Girls.

They play a handful of reverb-drenched guitar riffs backed by twee vocals provided by each member of the band and loosely held together by an effortlessly cool crash of drums.

Obvious stage sound monitoring problems mean that the vocals are not always the most melodious, but rather than detract from the performance, their set is complemented by an unperturbed, worry-free attitude towards it all.

Words David Browne

Photos Stewart Fullerton

More photos available HERE


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