Live review: Futuristic Retro Champions at The Captain’s Rest 8/4/11

There are some bands that hide behind distortion pedals, wrap their sounds in reverb, confuse people with their time signatures and pretend they don’t like the bands that might be deemed too twee,  this is a band that do not do that ,this band are Futuristic Retro Champions!

Originally I wasn’t going to write about this gig, I was just going to go there and enjoy it, this is the band’s last gig in Glasgow and it was packed to the brim in the sweaty Glasgow basement that is The Captain’s Rest. I walk in and I am greeted by the bands long serving manager Murray sporting a FRC’s t-shirt and i go downstairs where Little Eskimos are well into the second half of their set. Though I enjoy their set it is very much not the reason I am here, this is a goodbye to pop music.

I take my place at the front of the crowd surrounded by excited faces who are ready to experience this great band most likely for the last time. The band give their thumbs up to the crowd and launch right into the emphatic opener that is ‘Epic New Song!’ (which is also the first track on their double album Love & Lemonade). The crowd are instantly dragged into the music and toes start to tap, hips start to swing and the mood is set for a great hour of music.

The band go through hits old and new, it really hits me how much I was going to miss this band as they perform my favourite track of theirs ‘Speak To Me’, song after song despite a few technical hitches the band throughout hook after hook and even perform a song I hadn’t had the pleasure of hearing live before in ‘Uh Oh’. The crowd’s shouts turn to screams when the band take on the fans favourite blatant pop classic that is ‘Jenna’ which has the packed out house screaming E-L-E-C-T-R-O!

The band announce that ‘You Make My Heart Go Boom’ was going to be their last song, which in any other gig may have been accepted but after three minutes of big pop music would that be enough? No, it would be not be, after screams from the crowd the band put guitars back on their backs and set up one last time and say goodbye while inviting their manager to join them onstage for the last song. Glasgow would see from this catchy quartet with their cover of Bananarama’s ‘Talking Itallian’ which needless to say led to the biggest uproar of the night.

Its safe to say this band will be missed and all I can say is to whatever they do next good luck and do keep us posted.

Words: Wull Swales

Photos: Mishelle Milne

More pictures HERE

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