Record review: Maple Leaves – Threads

Jingly isn’t really a word with positive connotations but it neatly sums up Threads, a five song EP from Glasgow trio Maple Leaves. Formed in 2008, Anna Miles (vocals, piano, guitar) and Julian Corrie (vocals, guitar, piano, drums) gelled quickly, churning out a number of songs. Graeme Thomson (drums, guitar, vocals) put aside his studies to join the group, shortly after Maple Leaves delivered their first gig at Glasgow literary night, Discombobulate.

Opener ‘Tapestry’ is a brilliant woven mixture of a simple piano riff and accompanying choppy guitar. Miles sounds like a younger Eddi Reader, her voice seems to flow easily through this cheery tune, a feature that has received attention from non other than Stuart Murdoch, so taken with ML’s first demo he selected Miles to sing with God Help The Girl.

‘Kirsty’ is equally as up-beat, its unexpected ending leaves you wanting more, while third track ‘Easy Speak’, is a rocky offering with a touch of The Wannadies about it, proving that Mile’s voice blends well with Corrie and Thomson’s. ‘Fields’ is much more mellow, although it could have a stronger verse melody.

It would be wrong to finish on a low note, as greater things lie ahead for this folk-infused group. Of late, Maple Leaves was chosen by Chemikal Underground for a recording session funded by the Scottish Arts Council. We certainly look forward to the fruits of this endeavour.

You can purchase a copy of the EP from the band’s Bandcamp for just £1 and if you already have the early releases maybe a cheeky Miaoux Miaoux remix will sway your attention.

Words: Ben Bookless

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