Record review: FOUND – factorycraft

On their fourth album FOUND have developed their eclectic, folky, electronic sound to put together an exciting new record. Using a dirty telecaster with a little echo and vocals ranging from guttural, quite affected dialect to fluttering high notes, flirting with the melody line.

The album opens up with ‘Anti-climb Paint’, one of the album’s stronger tracks, warm vocals ooze with natural reverb and a lo-fi, earthy guitar makes you think what may have happened if The Arctic Monkeys were born inside the Scottish borders.

The album moves on with ‘I’ll Wake With a Seismic Head No More’, adding in samples and synths but somehow managing to keep that earthy, lo-fi sound. That same telecaster echoing over the melody with some accomplished harmonies dancing over the top.

Album highlight ‘Machine Age Dancing’ starts out retro but blossoms into an exciting space filled, very poised and considered sound, with the producer making fun use of the pan switch.

The album bumbles along for a while but picks up again with ‘Johnny I Can’t Walk the Line’ with its pulsing synthesised bass; a real head nodder – surprising us with sneaky minor chords and surprising turns. And never scared to mix the celtic vocal with some electronica.

The album draws to an end with ‘Blend Better’, a mixture of haunting vocals and synth that transforms into a hearty stadium pleaser, a fitting end to an extremely eclectic album.

Words: Paul Massie

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