Live review: Meursault, Over The Wall, Capitals, Miaoux Miaoux at King Tut’s 25/7/11

I’m pretty late in posting this as you may have noticed, it’s been a pretty hectic week so my apologies.

Tonight is probably the last of this year’s Summer Nights gig that I’ll make it to and the line up is one I have been particularly looking forward to.

First up tonight is Miaoux Miaoux, and the curly topped soloist gives a quick introduction before fiddling with various equipment building and looping a delightful minimal sound which threatens to burst into full on dance floor beats, but when he the opener reaches an energetic peak it teases and retreats off into static.

MM takes elements from a whole range of genres, with heavy bass tones touching dub while shoegazey soundscapes come and go in a engrossing set of minimal dance which you get the impression could be so easily tweaked to erupt a dance floor.

Moving into latest single ‘Hey Sound!’ MM’s head nods confidently as the beat builds, sampled vocals come in and he crafts it all together wonderfully into a dance pop extravaganza complete with section repetitive hooks and glittering beauty.

Closing on a number from his upcoming album MM rounds off a delightful set which pulls the attention of the building audience. The last track builds in a similar way to the rest of his tracks before bursting into a busy blast of sound then launching the room into static for a close.

Edinburgh’s Capitals are up next and the four-piece, electric drums and laptop in toe, take the hints of dance pop in MM’s set and lift them to the full. Bursts of energy captivate with sharp pop songs and indie based dance beats, with clearly pronounced vocals that will cement themselves in your head on only a few listens.

The band sound like many other fast indie rock bands in one sense but they constantly threaten to break through that barrier and as they hit their stride capturing the crowd who no doubt would be dancing if the night wasn’t so early.

‘Hello World’ blasts off with a powerful synthline that continues to be the solid base behind the track with chanted indie vocals breaking through the sound. ‘A Spectre Is Haunting Europe’ starts on an almost cheesy beat that gradually grows and melds into a strong number as Captials work to end their set on a high.

The band finish on what many consider their classic tracks but there’s a slight feeling that they did not quite reach the highs they created for themselves earlier in the set, still no one’s too disappointed this is fun stuff.

The showpiece band are up next, I haven’t seen Over The Wall in quite a long time and expect nothing less than brilliance tonight as the duo have just returned from their 80 day UK tour. As they begin their set Gav ducks and bobs while delivering frantic vocals over beat building keys and we’re back to familiarity.

There’s always been something uncool about OTW, it may be that they seem to enjoy themselves so much, but regardless these guys are one of the most entertaining live acts in Glasgow at the moment.

The introduction of brass (‘Don’t Listen To Them Son’ which that cheeky Jamie Webster saves after trumpet issues) and Ben bringing his vocal skills into the mix (‘Settle Down’) sees the bleep backed duo get into their groove and reach that familiar sound that most have grown to love and the rest will do.

As they polish off an entertaining as ever set the announcement that there is one last song comes through. It can only be one thing really, can’t it? And it is, the band’s undisputed classic ‘Thurso’, if you’re not familiar listen to it! Whether they’ll ever top it is questionable but if they ever do it’ll be one beast of a song they have on their hands.

Meursault is tonight’s headliner though and frontman Neil Pennycook is in amusing form throwing digs at the Metro throughout. The paper had printed a preview of the show that morning but throwing a description of a German band of the same name into the piece, well researched guys.

Apparently we can’t spell or say their name, Neil doesn’t think it’s so difficult and neither do many others. Regardless the six-piece put together an intricate set, with strong rhythms and powerful yet clean vocals.

These vocals as the main focal point of the set as they lift above dreamy, post rock tinged backdrops and lift the songs out of the ordinary. Quipping about the preview again Neil demonstrates a sharp humour as he imagines a picture of German act and states “Bald guys get all the girls”, Neil’s the bald one by the way.

Meursault straddle the worlds of post rock and folk adding captivating vocals that compliment the sparse brilliance of the sound they create so well. The passionate ‘Settling’ adds dual drums and sharp, spat lyrics creating the kind of song that pulls a crowd in as one as Neil belts out “all I have is punchlines so ha fucking ha”.

Pushing on the loudest point of the set every member seems as one as everything melds together perfectly to a soundscape that just screeches beauty right in your face and leaves you lost for words. Cheers Germany!

Photos: Ricky Skinner

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