Live: review: Music Is The Music Language (Day 2) 4/9/11

Withered Hand

Cut Hands, Withered Hand, Wounded Knee, Tatties Toes, this guy sounds quite the mess! Oh dear that was terrible, sorry, but in defence these are all part of a brilliant line up that make up the second day on Music Is The Music Language. I make it along slightly earlier than I had done yesterday and manage to catch the second half of Winning Sperm Party’s Generator gig just a wee jaunt up the road from the main venue.

As I arrive at the abandoned building a couple of police are surveying the what must seem quite odd set up, while the crowd are shiftily looking over their shoulders and concealing bottles of alcohol, the police, credit to them, see that no trouble is being cause and leave it be for Francis Harold & the Holograms to tear the place apart with some a powerful hardcore set that sets the day off with a bang and leave the crowd anxious for more.

A wee skip down the road is SWG3 and Wounded Knee is ready to start, resorting to a stage after unfortunately been unable to find a more interesting place in the space to play. Nonetheless the charming solo performer sets things off on a delightful note with a wee medley about the hills before indulging in a thoroughly entertaining section of audience participation which ends in a mass sing-along of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’. Fun stuff.

raphgleesch are up next and the acapella duo interesting, engrossing and at times amusing set putting together different vocal noises in a startlingly unnerving fashion. Withered Hand then provide a return to niceties with his charming folksy rock four-piece as they play a set of irresistible songs and humourous comments, all the while seeming the most nervous man in the whole place.

Opaque bring the darkness back as the four guitar noise quartet stand in all black, faces covered, and drown the room in pure noise engrossing the crowd before sending them through to one of the best acts of the weekend, The One Ensemble. This four-piece of ridiculously talented multi instrumentalists are difficult to nail down in terms of genre as folksy tones become experimental dazes and with the crowd ringed around them they instill a feeling of awe to the room.

Moon Unit bring a kraut edge to proceedings as the trio captivate with a powerful hazy performance. Tattie Toes follow with some experimental folk that intrigues all and sets us nicely for Correcto. Sadly Paul Thomson and co. sadly pale in comparison to the rest of the bill despite providing about the only melodic guitar of the evening.

Divorce lift things back up  as the majority female hardcore punk act, struggle and squeal and spit non stop energy before handing over to organisers Fielding (Cry Parrot) and Emily (Tracer Trails) to do their thanks and introduce their headliner Cut Hands who drenches the room with thick electronic waves leaving everyone in a satisfied daze to head off to Sleazy’s for a wee dance with DJ Benetti and David Barbarossa.


Photo: Andrew McKenna


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