Live review: United Fruit, Holy Mountain, Lady North at The Captain’s Rest, 23/9/11

United Fruit have had an extremely good year. Their meteoric rise has comprised of the release of their excellent debut album, Fault Lines, and tonight, being the close of a highly successful European tour. There is an excited buzz in the air for the band’s homecoming victory lap (perhaps it’s just the death throes of Fresher’s Week) as both crowd and band alike await their set.

Before all that though, is a choice-cut selection of other local-ish talents selected by the headline band themselves. First up is Edinburgh newly reduced two-piece Lady North, who are far more Battles-than-Maps-and-Atlases from a year ago, perhaps an inevitability since becoming a duo, but still manage to construct a highly entertaining set all the same.

The band maintain throughout that this is all new material, and thus reserve the right to “fuck it up”, but still pull off at times some highly complex looped rhythms and melodies, terrifically applied with aplomb by the band. Shouts of “yous don’t need a bassist!” confounded indeed.

Holy Mountain, a mainstay of smaller Glasgow shows for the last couple of years, provide their usual brand of classic-rock and stoner metal, who despite being a little repetitive at times, still rock the proverbial room, and warm the crowd expertly for the headline band.

United Fruit look a heady mix of exhausted and adrenalized at returning home to a full Captain’s Rest, and to great effect with an excellent romp through their best material yet. Album highlights ‘Kamikaze’ and ‘Go Away, Don’t Leave me Alone’ fail to disappoint, despite tonight’s slightly muddy sound, but still brings a real life to these songs that the album lacks in places.

The quartet spend a couple songs returning to tracks from their first EP, more showing the lengths they have progressed than the strength of those old, math-infused songs in the key of ‘Botch’ or ‘Young Widows’.

The band also treat the home crowd with an excellent and very natural sounding cover of The Damned’s ‘New Rose’ and during set closer ‘Liar’ a semi-orchestrated, partly improvised passing out of drum-kits, in a Boredoms-esque multi-drummer (of varying skills) playing out the last few chords to an exaggerated level (potentially never-ending) and enthralling effect.

Overall and excellent night for all to cap off one of Glasgow’s best recent bands’ very productive year.

Words: Adam Turner-Heffer
Photos: Ka Man Hung

More photos here


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