Live review: Fiction Faction (EP launch) w/ Verse Metrics, Galoshins at Stereo, 15/10/11

With miserable weather dampening most spirits, the organ bashing and manic laughter of Galoshins provides an entertaining start to the evening, seeming to thoroughly enjoy themselves and their Pink-Floyd-surrounded-by-a-pack-of-hyenas vibe.

Verse Metrics hit a more serious note, but what they lack in enthusiasm is soon made up for with astounding harmonics and a striking voice from their front man Bob. Post rock vocals are all to often a repetitive and illegible moan so it is nice to actually hear what is being sung, and sung well.

Yet these alt-rock-lullabies seem a bit out of place sandwiched between some strong stage personas, they are not out of their depth but in the wrong atmosphere but nonetheless have feet tapping, heads jigging and a well-deserved ovation.

The persona to follow is a cardigan clad front man with a fringe of curls. Yes, Fiction Faction at first glance could make it all too easy to slap on the pretentious label, but what these guys deliver will give any 80’s teenybopper a run for their money.

With the stage presence of the lead singer reminding me slightly of a hyper child having a tantrum, they effortlessly provide some well-needed warmth and animation to the evening, clearly enjoying every moment and taking the crowd along with them.

Vocals with the depth of Robert Smith are combined with a strong drum beat, an electronic vibe and echo pedals that never get too out of hand. The sounds of the instruments do not go un-distorted but are importantly never lost or blended into that painful wail of noise which haunts most experiments with electronica.

Having given their new release, Malenky Lizards, a listen there is more diversity on offer. The final track ‘Harmonising the Grateful’ is a great guitar strumming rather than noise warping venture, harking back to new-wave origins of that warbling voice (and that tousle of hair).

We would love to see these guys perform to a bigger audience, definitely a crowd pleaser whatever the weather.

Words/Photos: Sarah Hope

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