Live review: Trapped In Kansas (EP Launch), Bellow Below, Part Wind Part Wolf at Captains Rest, 20/10/11

It’s early and already the bar is filling up with people hungry to hear some top notch local talent, as headliners Trapped In Kansas get ready to promote the release of their latest EP, How To Go.

Downstairs the first support act of the night Part Wind Part Wolf belt out melodic tunes filled with bass ridden choruses that fans of Brand New would be sure to enjoy.

The raw passion released from the members of Ayrshire’s Bellow Below is truly electric and soon magnetises a larger crowd down to the basement.

An array of time signature changes and an offbeat style encourage the enthusiastic nodding of heads from the more than impressed crowd.

It is fair to say that the chemistry between each member is truly intoxicating and soon has the audience excited to hear what else they’ve got.

Loud cheers soon welcome Trapped in Kansas, the band is no strangers to this venue but warmly introduce their new guitarist to their cheering fans.

Debut single ‘Towerblock’ proves a great set opener featuring the members singing a capella in a harmonious fashion.

This positively reassures onlookers that they are in for a treat.

The crowd is blessed with catchy harmonies accompanied by busy finger tapping which undoubtedly intensifies the vibrancy of every verse.

Many sing along to recent single ‘I Was Born’ which is agreeably the epitome of the band’s sound.

Intertwined guitar riffs are flattered by varied drumming techniques which enables the song to flow freely in a colourful manner.

Front man Finn LeMarinel guides the room through each song while attaching a distinct voice to his beautifully honest and flavourful lyrics.

The band continues to enlighten the audience with more tracks featured on the EP, performances of ‘Skin and Bone’ and ‘Stick to the Roads’ are particularly refreshing and receive an incredible reception from the packed venue.

Trapped in Kansas have positively evolved musically over the past couple of years and tonight’s show proves why they are one of the most exciting acts in the country today.

Words: Rachel Cunningham
Photos: Neil Jarvie

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