Live review: LAID presents Meursault, Crayons, Sebastian Dangerfield at Bloc, 26/10/11

From the creators of MILK at Flat 0/1 comes LAID, another dairy themed evening that will no doubt continue to create a warm atmosphere and attract a friendly crowd.

As soon as pints are in hand some strangers in wooly hats are quick to shuffle up and offer seats as free chocolate was dispersed throughout the crowd.

Soon things kick off with Sebastian Dangerfield who provide a cheerful set, folky with a healthy touch of well-administered guitar grinding.

Vocals are unfortunately slightly lost which is a shame, a small venue may have its perks but it seemed these guys couldn’t quite relax and were suppressing the urge to dance about.

Nonetheless they provide a warm and inviting start to the evening, coming across as a bunch of general nice guys.

This carefree beginning however is then absolutely shattered when Crayons take to the stage, space clearly not an issue anymore as drum kits are mounted and walls are scaled by their frontman.

One could comment ‘a cheeky scamp’, but one might rather comment ‘hyperactive chimp’, who cast an odd contrast against his sedate and wooly jumper clad band members.

Instruments are thrashed and lyrics about DVDs and girls barked passionately.

Balancing impressively on a strange line between ‘happy-go-lucky’ and ‘intimidating’ they definitely draw in an appreciative crowd.

Meursault end things on a very positive note with their spine tingling melodies.

The echoing lo-fi elements of their recordings are a lot heavier live as they thrash things out on stage.

They have the crowd dancing and cheering both during and after each song ends, playing passionately and filling the venue to the brim.

Though having an early start the next morning, it is difficult to resist one more pint after the bands end, the positive vibe carrying on well into the wee hours.

Words: Sarah Hope


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