Record review: Peter Cat – CAT1: The Cat Returns

Opener ‘Brighton Rock’ is a playful electro track, it straddles between the cliched seaside sounds – bells, organs, and sandy musique concrete; and quirky singer songwriter sonics of ukulele and awkward vocals.

At two minutes in everything turns Rocky Horror Picture Show as we’re treated to a musical period in which it all seems a little tongue in cheek, all a little self aware.

‘Ballad Of The Beach’ is a gorgeous, dry track that takes us back decades with shades of Roy Orbison about it for me.

Simple, honest and true. The bareness and baldness makes this track stand out.

Next track, ‘Keeping Up With Jacob’, isn’t without its appeal but it’s a step in a different direction and sounds out of place here.

It’s structured and layered and polished and everything, but it goes against the grain of other tracks present – it’s upbeat and sounds like a different side of Peter Cat.

Sadly the rest of the EP doesn’t live up to the high expectations set by the first two tracks.

‘A Joke About Death’ is not the pick of the bunch by any means but it’s OK and closer ‘Someday I Will Love You’ starts with a nice Spanish guitar moment but nothing greater spawns from it and before we know it the party’s over, everybody’s gone home and we’re left with a feeling that we’ve been cheated.

A strong start ruined by a few weaker moments thrown in afterwards.

Words: Matthew Slater

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