Record review: Blank Canvas – ‘By The Fire / Golden’

The double A-side single release from Blank Canvas, ‘By The Fire / Golden’, is brimming full of confidence and reassurance.

Both songs carry the same weight here and clamber and fight over one another for the spotlight.

‘By The Fire’ immediately makes an impression with its gorgeous guitar tone before another guitar quickly introduces an energetic riff. Before long the whole band are in and we’re on our way with an upbeat tempo.

Structurally they take the less beaten path utilising a few breakdowns along the way and that’s refreshing to hear when the arrangements and tones chosen are so consonant.

‘Golden’ is uncompromising. It’s got a roughness and rawness added with wah effects on top of waves of guitar.

Things continue in similar fashion as with ‘By The Fire’ before we reach a coda towards the end that raises and raises the tension higher and higher, giving us the big finish that we expect in small way – with an abrupt finish.

Nice touch guys, nice touch.

Words: Matthew Slater

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