Record review: Ultimate Thrush 7″

After a heavy night drinking, when you feel the vomit sitting in your body not wanting to move, wanting to however slowly poison you to death while you feel gas and bad tastes float up and down your system.

This is what the new Ultimate Thrush 7” is.

However, in all fairness Ultimate Thrush are able to do this at rapid tempos.

This mostly improvised set is quite remarkable.

Not heavy in the common way with heavy guitars and heavier production, Thrush manage to upset you by their timing and choice of horrible frequencies.

It is disturbing at points; the vocals are a lot to do with this.

‘Hardcore Man’ is a cracker though, ‘My Eyes Don’t Cry” likewise, the two best represent the power violence side of the three.

“07913061436” is a good riff, although only played for four seconds.

The package itself is a great item to have; embroided silkscreen with fabulous illustration work on it.

Lots of guy’s dick through out and on the 7” itself.

Words: Gayham Crisps

You can download the tracks in .wav format from the Winning Sperm Party website


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