Today’s featuring something Aerials Up and Blochestra are doing and more

As you may or may not know a certain broadcaster is trying to do away with something which has done wonders for Scottish acts on the past, however there are plenty of people fighting to keep it, and in support of this cause there’s a special event happening tomorrow afternoon outside their studios down in Pacific Quay, Aerials Up (photoed by Gordon Ballantyne) and Blochestra will play unplugged sets in support of the cause the more people that turn up the better, things will kick off for 1sh.

Sign this petition!

The Brazen Cars, Sunshine Social, Blue Sky Archives and Soothsayer play a wee Christmas gig down at Stereo on December 22, 7pm, £4.

Visceral post-hardcore innovators Salo launch their EP with support from noisy trash-kickers Fat Janitor at Bloc December 7, free.


The Machine Room – ‘Chances’ (BBC Introducing live):

Collar Up – ‘Always On My Mind’:

As In Bear – ‘Too Far (There Puns Are Unbearable)’:

Boutros Bubba – Ridiculous Wrists:

The Spook School – Are You Who You Think You Are?:


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