Live review: Wake The President, Schnapps, Aggi Doom at Sleazy’s, 20/11/11

“It’s just one of those weekends” one of the bands mutter from the stage at some point during the night, and it would appear this is true enough for almost everyone in attendance.

Infact, we’ll take it a step further, it’s one of those weeks, as Glasgow’s gig going public have been treated to a whole host of events which have while furthering enjoyment can’t be good on the bladder.

20 Years of Sleaze has been running throughout the month of November and brought it’s special event in a one off live return for Arab Strap this week, but this is Sunday and everyone seems on a collective comedown.

Myself, I’m choked with cold, so am if anything even more out of it that the fairly sparse audience, but in all fairness all three bands tonight do plenty to perk up the mood.

Aggi Doom kick things off, in a still pretty well lit venue, in sparkling fashion, the majority female four-piece bringing a spark of joy to the occasion with their synth led pop.

Multiple sneery female vocals build up at times putting you in mind of bands on the popier side of the 90’s riot grrrl movement.

The set itself is short and sweet but there is enough catchy, toe tapping beats to leave you anxious to hear more.

Schnapps are up next and bring an immediate rock n roll vide to proceeding as frontman Jnr Crawford embodying confidence launches himself into the heart of the venue.

Mid set the lights go down making things feel a touch more like a gig but with a somewhat subdued crowd things aren’t hitting off as well as the band would hope.

The performance is engaging and brash and they power through grizzly three minute rock songs, with gleaming indie rock riffs which wouldn’t look out of place coming for the 1990s, whose frontman Jackie McKeown is in attendance.

Still, there is evident frustration from the band at the lack of enthusiasm coming from the crowd, but like Crawford mentions everyone is on a Sunday comedown.

Schnapps are the ideal party starting band, animated and engaging in a powerful way but it doesn’t really work the same way when the party is just simmering down nicely.

Wake The President are up next and they sound like… well Glasgow, as they play a set of charming indie pop with nods to many bands that make this city great.

The uplifting and chirpy tunes are delivered to a subdued but by no means inattentive Sleazy’s.

Brothers Bjorn and Erik Sandberg front the five-piece and play away like pop darlings delivering a set of well crafted tracks that can’t help but raise a smile.

Erik’s rhythmic almost spoken delivery acts as an engrossing layer to the band’s sound, as they cruise through a set of tracks mostly from new almost Zumutung!

“That last song was called ‘The Last Exit For The Lost’ and it’s about this pub, not that it’s about me or anything” Bjorn quips, possibly referring to an unfortunate incident over the weekend, which involved the women’s toilets and the exit.

There’s a sparkle to WTP’s set despite the conditions, the songs add a beautiful sway and a touch of sunlight to a rather bizarre feeling evening and leave everyone ready to head home and rest for another week.

Photos: Emma Levy

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