Live review: Miaoux Miaoux, Jonnie Common at The Captains Rest, 23/11/11

It can be difficult for producers to get out of the studio/bedroom and create a live show, luckily Julian Corrie aka Miaoux Miaoux isn’t hindered with this and his live shows are something to be experienced.

In the basement of the Captains Rest, support Jonnie Common guides the relatively small crowd through the entire history of sound, it sounds like every noise ever made is at his finger tips and he utilises every one of them throughout the set, with ‘Photosynth’ proving to be a favourite with the crowd but it’s all over far too soon.

When Miaoux Miaoux, wearing a cat t-shirt, takes the stage with band, (Consisting of members of Danananaykroyd, Mitchell Museum, Maple Leaves and guest star Profisee), and starts up it’s a few minutes before any synth is heard over the distorted guitar sound, which is a surprising touch and a fitting opener to a set full of surprises from dubstep beats, hip-hop tracks, clear pop singles and full on techno beats.

Mid way through the set Corrie asks enticingly: “Anyone up for a Jam?”

Before improvising for around ten minutes, which gets the crowd moving as the lights are dimmed down more (some dance moves stand out, even in a darkened room).

I went expecting a straight run through and plug of the up-coming album (it’s promised to be out soon) but through his endearing vocals and ability to surprise at every turn Miaoux Miaoux shows the potential to out grow his inherited ‘electro’ genre and become much more.

I’m holding off full judgement until the albums out, though from his live show, it looks to be a cracker.

Words: Ryan Sharpe (Twitter @ryn_sh)

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