Live review: St Deluxe at Captains Rest, 3/12/11

The 90s grunge/post punk sound has been making a bit of a resurgence in recent times with some not quite grasping the true essence of DIY but I can safely say that tonight’s headliners have it mastered.

St Deluxe open with ‘After the Fire’ and what a great opener, full of vigour and noise nicely balanced out with transporting melodies and vocal drawls.

As the comforting warm hug of fuzz takes effect, the crowd, made up of all ages and styles of genuine music appreciators, stand there nursing their pints basking in the wall of noise being projected from the stage smacking them straight in the face.

The band is accompanied with background visuals courtesy of Jean McEwan, which add to the DIY ethos nicely.

Debut self titled album track ‘New Wave Stars’ is followed by promised new material, this includes the poppy ‘Born into Flame’ and the more aggressive ‘Perfect 10’ and ‘Last Year’s Lust’ which have more of a punky/Black Flag, in your face, feel to them.

I have seen this band a few times over the years and not once have I seen Jamie Cameron cast aside his beloved guitar but he does it twice tonight, first on another new delight ‘Your Blood’ before the crowd become animated for the popular Please Be Gentle’.

It is a personal favourite live track and although the guitar screaming is absent tonight the crowd is thriving in this urgently delivered track.

Finishing with a Jonathan Richman cover of ‘She Cracked’, which again finds Jamie disregarding his guitar in favour of screaming his distorted vocals, the night ends with the band walking off stage without so much as a cheerio.

Even though it was a short set the guys are confident to finish it off there, leaving the crowd somewhat bewildered and some with a knowing smirk.

Cameron really shines as a frontman, normally hidden behind a fringe he really comes into his own this evening as an energetic man possessed, frantically taking ownership of the stage and screaming lyrics which fill the room even without the aid of a mic.

Despite a few technical hitches St Deluxe put on a great show with my ears being left pleasantly numb…

Words: Cara Graham


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