Live review: Nevada Base at Captains Rest, 10/12/11

Nevada Base take to the stage amid the hussle of a packed Captains Rest and the four-piece rattle into their opener ‘Electric Touch’, a beat heavy hit in the making.

The crowd sway and gaze as the band settle into the electro glory that has coined their rise as Glasgow’s newest ‘ones-to-watch’, reveling in the digital swagger coming from the stage.

Newly appointed drummer Calum, adds power and energy to the new line-up arguably lacking in previous NB performances more reliant on laptops, but such assumptions are subjective; though the added vocal melody he supplies certainly enrich the pop sensibilities inherit in Nevada Base’s setlist.

Albert’s main vocals are cool and collected throughout, constant among the change in mood and texture of each song.

Jamie on snyth and electronics supplies the atmospherics enjoyed in such a line-up, perfectly merged with Andy’s grooves on bass.

With each song the sound feels complete and the crowd await expectantly for the next anthem to be unleashed.

Their newest track, ‘Untitled’, makes its debut tonight, showcasing the band’s penchant for complexity in songwriting and encapsulates the feel of the evening in its infectious rhythm.

Of course, there is a confusion in any band that merge heavy electronics with live instruments, and in the centre of the audience I had to pinch my arm and remind myself I had not drunkenly stumbled into the Subclub or the Arches.

Is it a gig? Is it an elaborate DJ set? Arguably it’s neither and both in tandem; but it certainly works.

Considering this was NB’s first gig as a four-piece and only their fourth with a live drummer, it is a performance to be proud of.

When the venue clears and the dust settles, I mulled over the stylistic amalgamation within NB with singer Albert.

Over a beer he surmised that the members of NB are “on the same page”, that the music they make “balances what (they’re) trying to get right” and that they simply want to “make people dance while still being in a band”.

If the latter is their unofficial mantra, it was more than achieved tonight.

You can enjoy a free download at

Words: Declan McKay
Photos: Allan Reid

More photos including Crash Club and Machines In Heaven here


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