Record review: The Little Kicks – The Little Kicks

The Little Kicks describe themselves as “catchy indie pop” and this is certainly true of their second album.

The band enjoyed great success with previous album, Boxing Clever, and they will be continuing this with their latest release by the looks of things.

The album kicks off with the catchy ‘Anti Work Song’, a great opening to the LP that really sets the tone for the following tracks; definite single material.

This is followed by tracks ‘Before Today’ and ‘Making Big Decisions’, warm and breezy, I defy you to not tap your feet along, both are perfect for hazy summer nights.

Next up is ‘Loosen Up’, more guitar-driven than other efforts but nonetheless true to The Little Kicks style.

Frontman Steve Milne’s vocals are almost haunting on ‘First Place’, which starts off slow and subtle before bursting in to the band’s typical fashion.

‘Call Of Youth’, released over the summer as a free download, is very similar to tracks on Boxing Clever, a nice transition track for fans of their original LP.

‘Do Something New’ then does the opposite, showing another change of style, the chorus blends classic indie with a clever string-section chorus, a great addition to the album.

The Little Kicks closes with ‘Far Too Honest’, quite a downbeat track to end such an upbeat album as a subtle and haunting beginning build up to the brilliant finale.

Overall, this second album is success giving a great balance between familiarity and what is to come, ideal to convert new fans to The Little Kicks.

Words: Laura Donaldson (@lauradonaldson_)


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