Record review: The Machine Room – ‘Camino de Soda’

Eastern influences are abound on ‘Camino de Soda’, unsurprisingly given the title that The Machine Room have bestowed upon their latest track.

What is surprising is the path they take in melding these influences together.

There’s Latin-American percussion and fun to the rhythm section, eighties synth patterns creating the hooks and a modern rock setup translating back and forth between the two parties.

It’s a track that’s trying something different, and that’s to be commended.

Sadly, it’s not an experiment that’s worked on this occasion, the net result ruined by over-indulging in too many spices.

It’s a brave move and one that has worked for so many major artists in the past, unfortunately on this occasion The Machine Room show they have potential but so far just that.

Words: Matthew Slater

From forthcoming EP Love from a Distance


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