Live review: Beerjacket, Coat Hooks, Michael Cassidy, Julia and the Doogans, Burning Café at Tut’s, 18/1/12

Arriving just in time to see the last few songs from Burning Café, they sound really impressive and even more so when they announce this is their first gig in Glasgow, their acoustic, folky songs set the scene well for what is to come.

Upstairs Julia and the Doogans quickly win the crowd over by providing free cake and lollies at the merch stand.

There’s not a huge crowd yet but the ones who are here settle on listening intently to the haunting vocals and melodies, interspersed with witty chat keeping the audience entertained.

Next up is Michael Cassidy, he bounds onto the stage and gets right into performing with energy rarely seen in the acoustic singer/songwriter types, giving off a fun, laid back personality that is often at odds with the songs.

There is a slight hint at Americana on songs like ‘Fifteen Years’, ‘Dancing at the Devil’s Door’ has a bit of a sinister undertone and Cassidy finishes with a powerful rendition of ‘Everybody’s Scared’.

By the time Coat Hooks come on Tut’s is full and they seem to relish the prospect, the set begins as a full band with the band giving way half way through to allow Andrew Lindsay to perform some songs solo.

The crowd seem to love the set, with a few devotees singing along, sadly their chants of “one more tune” have to be ignored as we are on a tight schedule and have one more act still to go.

Beerjacket is a bit of a legend on the Glasgow scene and although the audience has slightly thinned out there is still a good crowd present.

Beerjacket mainly plays songs from new album The White Feather Trail but classic ‘The Bar That Never Closes’ adds some diversity, for most of the set you can hear a pin drop and Beerjacket has the audience listening in rapt silence, with highlghts including ‘Jack Chasing Jill’ and ‘The Monsters’.

The set ends with another classic as ‘Barricade’ is delivered with such ferocity that you find yourself surprised that his foot doesn’t go through the stage.

Words: Ealasaid McAlister


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