Record review: Young Aviators – Hunting For Heaven

Opener ‘Hunting For Heaven’ is a tuneful song with melody in places and that raw, punk attitude thrown together with intelligent song writing – they somehow manage to rhyme ‘velociraptor’ for heaven’s sake!

Next up is ‘Better Future’ that is held back by the sharpness of the cymbals – until the whole band kick in it’s almost unlistenable for me.

When they do, the whole ensemble works as I’ve come to expect from them.

Closer ‘The Question Is’ takes a more stripped back approach that provides a good contrast to the rest of the album.

The sparse instrumentation is adeptly handled production-wise on this track and as such, it sticks out as being the strongest track on the album.

On a whole, production lets this release down, it could have been a great punk record but is dogged by a muddy mix which leaves the listener struggling to hear Young Aviators in their glory.

Words: Matthew Slater

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