Record review: Evil Hand – Rain Check

A musical experiment from Evil Hand, making turns into all different directions.

Each and every track takes a significant departure from the one preceding it, leading the listener further into the forest until we’re lost and emerge on sandy beaches, icy snow slopes and other environments we’re taken on in this magical journey.

Tying it all together, and providing a trail of breadcrumbs back to base camp is shoe gaze production.

Dreary, desolate tracks collide into happy pop and we’re taken along the whole spectrum of human emotion like the disciples that followed Christ.

A lot of the time it might not make logical sense, but we abandon our (better) judgment and follow Evil Hand, putting our safekeeping in their trust – a very stylistically ambiguous release, but an enjoyable one if you’re ready to be taken by the hand and led somewhere alien.

Words: Matthew Slater

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