Today’s news featuring Vigo Thieves, Hip Parade and more

Vigo Thieves have hit it big and had their tune ‘Heartbeats’ used on the viral video for T in the Park, which is expected to be seen my millions in the run up to the festival, the line up itself so far isn’t really up to scratch, there’s plenty of better festival this summer, but check the video for the track (I’m not going to link it, it’s easy to find), there’s a new date to announce too as they play the Art School on May 26.

Hip Parade, Versus Versus, Radio Arcade play Tut’s April 28, 7.30pm, £7.

Not sure how I missed this one by Woodenbox are playing Tut’s on March 9, support from Ryan Joseph Burns 8.30pm, £7.50.

The Milk play Tut’s on March 29 with support from The Dirty Demographic.

Ellen and the Escapades visit Glasgow on April 20 to play at Sleazy’s, support from Matt Norris & the Moon, 7.30pm.


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