Record review: The Ok Social Club – The Shape Of Things To Come [Platform Records]

Sunshine and lollipops, in the form of The OK Social Club, greet you on The Shape Of Things To Come and just like Hansel and Gretel – you’re going to gorge yourself on their gorgeous, upbeat tunes – a modern spin on REM by us, the dour faced Scots – with feel good indie anthems as the result.

Opener ‘The Shape Of Things To Come’ serves as an explosive, exciting introduction to your new watering hole, fast and energetic – it’s a great way to set the tone.

Next track up, the oddly titled ‘Twist, Learn, Kick And Scream’ drops the tempo, but not the optimism – the indie instrumentation showing a sharper edge, with darker, more abstract lyrics as a result.

Closer ‘Twisted Young Gentlemen’ is an effective encore; simple lines, big choruses and straight grooves allow everybody to participate.

It’s nice to see a band taking a smiling sideways glance at things in what’s becoming an increasingly dark world.

Words: Matthew Slater

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