Record review: Fiction Faction – ‘Nina’s Different’ [Saraseto]

If you find yourself searching for the perfect summer ‘chillin; with an ice cream’ track then you may just have found it with Fiction Faction‘s newest offering ‘Nina’s Different’.

The muted guitars sway side to side forcing you to follow them almost into a hypnotic montage taken from the more chemically induced hedonistic moments of Channel 4’s Skins, before everyone stopped watching.

In its four minutes there’s not too much lift in the track, there’s no anthemic chorus here, however the straight forwardness of it is it’s charm.

The beat idly strolls through the track opposing any grandiose feeling of driving the track forward, instead happily following the swirling reverberated vocals as they declare “right, wrong, best left alone, Nina’s different”.

The carefree swagger of the track is tied in with the despondent delivery of the vocals, which alone is a major influence on the post-chillwave sound the track leaks and as the trumpet gathers its prominence in the concluding chorus the urge to skip back for another listen is overwhelming, this one is best served alongside an ice cold drink at your next summer BBQ.

Words: Ryan Sharpe (@ryn_sh)


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