Live review: The OK Social Club, Echofela, Young Aviators, Bryan McLeish at Stairway, 1/5/12

It take’s a combination of ingredients to make the perfect gig and unfortunately tonight hasn’t quite got them all in the right places.

A relatively new venue in Glasgow, Stairway has yet to find it’s scene, though with the shape of the underground spot it’s worth wondering that it may not be suited for the role with the stage being swept aside by the ‘stairway’ which is placed inconveniently in front of half the open space.

First onstage is solo acoustic act Bryan McLeish, not a stand out act on the line up but keeps the early bar goers warmed up and even brings his own group of fangirls who place themselves inches from the stage the length of McLeish’s time on stage.

Young Aviators change the tempo as they fire open their set with ‘Hunting for Heaven’, there’s slight problems with sound in that it’s too loud but don’t hold it against the band, in the right setting it would blow you away.

“We’re Young Aviators, and we’re from Ireland… but we live here” state the band before taking the crowd through a set filled heavily with distortion and pop hooks, taking a break before plugging upcoming single ‘The Question Is’, out later this month on Electric Honey.

Echofela don’t blow away the venue with their brand of lad rock, it’s grown up lad rock granted but it still comes from a generation who grew up with Brit pop posters on their wall.

They’re loud and have the right energy but the hooks don’t come across in tonight’s set.

The OK Social Club close tonight’s event with their own brand of pop music, jangly guitars, their stand out track ‘The Shape of Things To Come’ doesn’t do much to shake the similarity though this may just be down to the accents, maybe the style of the band too.

It does take a combination of things to go right for the best gigs, tonight’s venue, sound and maybe even crowd wasn’t quite right but the bands who performed to their best regardless were enjoyed to the full possible extent of a wet Tuesday night in Glasgow.

It was all for a good cause though with the profits from the gig heading to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Words : Ryan Sharpe

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