Record review: The Machine Room – Love From A Distance

The Machine Room is back with another EP of delicate brilliance.

The Edinburgh based band tread that fine line between outright indie and shoegaze.

This collection of songs is an ethereal melding of sylph like vocals from John Bryden and fuzzy guitars.

Like many others figuring in the Scottish scene The Machine Room have this feel of creating stylish music that’s crafted with love and thought rather than just being the usual three chord wonder job.

‘Your Head On The Floor’ is a prime example, combining a really well worked synth harmony with a vocal that – compared to opener ‘Cost of Progress’, has a surprising presence and strength.

‘Camino De Soda’ is probably the moodiest track on the EP, with a definite feeling of space and pared down production to it.

Finally, there is ‘Picking Holes’, a slowed down and well paced number with a nice repetitive feel to it, with a rolling bassline that starts the song before getting eclipsed by wonderfully sparkly, edgy guitars that lull you into a sense of spacey calm.

Love From A Distance is available for to buy from Bandcamp for a cheap price so you don’t have to get yourself into any debt.

Words: Imogen Reed


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