Live review: Errors at The Arches, 11/05/12

Despite playing in almost complete and utter darkness for the opening track of their set Errors manage to capture the attention of their home town audience right from the start.

Joking with the audience “I thought The Arches had forgotten to pay their electricity bill” frontman Steev Livingstone then burst into second track ‘Tusk’, from new album Have Some Faith in Magic, fully illuminated by acid house visuals and an impressive light show.

The band has made some hefty progression in the sonic landscape of their sound.

Gone is the geekboy chic of their earlier years image, replaced now by a healthy beard growth and a more confident stage prowess.

Gone also is founding member Greg Paterson, leaving in his place a rather intimidating pile of machinery from which Livingstone extracts numerous samples to beef up the live composition.

Fresh from a state side tour with label founders Mogwai, Errors prove once again their ability to get a large group of Glaswegians out on a rainy night and dancing in a darkened tunnel.

Synth heavy, post-electronic hit ‘Pleasure Palaces’ showcases another new dimension to the outfits live performance -vocals.

Overlaid with digital harmonies, a healthy dose of echo and reverb the trio’s new sound can be likened to Memory Tapes or a more subdued Health.

Although mainly showcasing new material from the aforementioned recent release, tested material such as ‘A Rumour in Africa’ has the crowd disco bopping wildly.

The computer friendly buzz of ‘Supertribe’ also touches upon their roots, whereas earlier track ‘Toes’ proves the trio still has a healthy penchant for discombobulated synth pop.

Words/Photos: Angela Canavan


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