T-Break preview: what the bands have to say

So, T-Break was announced a week or so ago and I thought I’d speak to as many of the acts as possible to find out how they felt about being picked and the opportunity to play at Scotland’s biggest festival.

Whether you travel to Scotland just for the rockin’ music festivals and are a T in the Park regular or one who can’t stand the idea of sitting in a rain drenched field in the middle of nowhere, joining those on their yearly live music event or drunken buffoonery, filtering through the shite to find something exciting to see, there can be no doubt the opportunity that T Break gives to upcoming acts.

It’s a chance for those chosen to be seen be people who would normally see them and no doubt turns many doubters and brings old school ‘friends’ out of the woodwork, but who cares if it’s spreading the work.

The band’s chosen this year have varying impressions of T in the Park but are all more than happy to be playing, here’s what they said and a wee sample to give you a wee taster before heading of to Balado’s Tennents soaked fields.

You know give you something to to make up your own minds about before I express my own opinions at a later date, I’ve not listened to everyone on the yet.

Anderson, McGinty, Webster, Ward and Fisher

“We are obviously delighted to be selected to play the T-Break stage as its one of the biggest platforms for unsigned bands in the country.

“Although being selected does not necessarily mean we are any “better” or more popular than any of the bands who were overlooked this time it’s nice to think that we’ve made an impression on some people who listen to music for a living.”

Bacchanal Party

“T break is a huge platform for unsigned bands in Scotland.

“To play on the same stage as many of the great Scottish bands before us is a great honour.

“We have put a lot of work in over the past year and we want as many people to hear us as possible.

“A big thanks to the Tennents initiative and everyone at T Break for selecting us.

“July can’t come quick enough for us…”


“What do Sonic Youth, The Pixies, Radiohead, The Afghan Whigs, Bright Eyes, Nick Cave and Kylie have in common? I’ve seen and loved them all at T in the Park!

“It’s a great privilege to be invited to play – see you there.” Peter Kelly

Blank Canvas

“It feels great to have been chosen to play the T Break, we’ve all grown up with trips to T in the Park, so the opportunity to play there ourselves is brilliant.

“It’s a nice reassurance that your music is having some impact outside of your own little band bubble.” Callum

Brown Bear & The Bandits

“It’s a great opportunity and there are limitless possibilities being involved in a festival such as T in the Park, they do well most years and people travel from all over to attend.

“There is potential to play to a lot of people and really showcase yourself as a live act.

“We are estatic about the news and cant wait to go and do what we love doing which is playing live!

“It is a massive honour to be picked considering how many bands apply ever year” Matt


“Getting picked gives us the sense that people are responding to our new material and that’s really encouraging for us going forward, plus, T-Break has always been this benchmark that a lot of bands aim for as they try to progress and get noticed.

“There’s so many great bands in Scotland now who are working so hard that it’s genuinely flattering that we’re going to be there.

“Most of all I just hope we play a good show and people enjoy our set if they come and see us, but it would be great if it helped push things forward.” Angus Carbarns

Chris Devotion and the Expectations

“Of course we are delighted to be asked to play the T Break, the festival was an annual pilgrimage for me and my proto-hipster friends when we were teenagers, it gave us a chance to see lots of bands we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

“I know a lot of Glasgow music types can be a bit dismissive of festivals like this but for great swathes of the music loving population this is the best opportunity for them to check out new music.

“Hopefully people looking for some rock and roll action that weekend will come by and see us.”


“We’re really happy to be playing T Break at such an early stage in our musical career.

“With so many bands applying to play this year it’s an honour to be picked.

“We’re going to seize this opportunity to further expand our audience and to put it bluntly….melt some faces” Steven

Davey Horne

In all honesty, I was really surprised to get the call!

“We put in our application at the start of the year and kind of forgot about it, but yeah, we were completely delighted to be picked.”

“When you look at the panel of judges and the other acts were a chosen like Capitals, Beerjacket, and Randolph’s Leap, you realise what a great compliment it is.

“For us, it’s a pretty huge platform to show what we can do.

“Already, we’ve had press and radio that we’ve never had before, all because of T-Break.

“All we need to do now is rehearse twice as hard and keep our fingers crossed that our slot doesn’t clash with anyone we want to see!”

Nevada Base

“We were were delighted when we received the news that we’d been picked to play T-Break.

“It’s a great opportunity to play out to a festival crowd on a big stage and through an awesome sound system. See you in July!” James

Open Swimmer

It’s an honour to play at this classic festival, we’re really looking forward to it.

“It seems that it helps to create a healthy amount of hype around bands that play T-Break.

“We’ve got some mates playing it as well this year so it should be good fun all round.” Ben

Randolph’s Leap

Having never been to T in The Park, I don’t really know what to expect – I’ve been told it’s a bit like the Nairn Book & Arts Festival but with less emphasis on books.

“I’m pleased to see that wee Davey Guetta is going to be belting out a couple of numbers and I’m looking forward to saying hello in the VIP area or maybe even sharing a few sausages on the disposable barbecue back at the campsite.

“We’re all looking forward to it, it feels great to be picked.” Adam

Roman Nose

“We are very pleased to be playing T-Break this year.

“Now commences 2 months of solitude, debauchery, neglect, violence and the inevitable self discovery…” via Facebook


“Never actually thought I would get picked, was totally shocked – there were over a thousand demos, and very wise and influential judges so it really means a lot to be picked.

“I’ve put a lot of work and thought into this over the last year, it’s amazing to see it paying off.

“Anyone who’s seen TeKlo live before knows it’s fully of energy and fun – cannot wait to bludgeon the audience to death with bass and FUCKING LAZER NOISES! YAAAAAS.”

The Machine Room

T- Break offers us a larger platform in terms of getting our music across to new people – which is something we are constantly looking to do as a relatively unknown band.

“If people can take the time, I think there’s a lot to enjoy within our music, with its varying layers and textures.

“The selection itself has already sparked more of an interest in the band so hopefully folk will enjoy our tunes and things can go from there.” John Bryden

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/41132013]

The Mirror Trap

“It feels pure amazing to be playing T-Break, I’m under no illusion that we’ll be playing to thousands of people and become overnight superstars, but I don’t think that’s really what it is all about – it’s T in The Park!

“We are all total T-romantics, been going since we were sixteen, I’ve seen some of my favorite bands ever play in that big field.

“I was staggering around in mud up to my knees telling folk that “I’ll be playing on that stage one day” before I had ever even picked up a guitar.

“It also feels like an acknowledgement of all the hard work we have done over the last few years.

“Being based outside of the big cities it does often feel like no one really cares, but this sort of thing shows that people are listening and it gets our name out to a massive audience.

“Even if people are only listening to us so that they can slag us off in the big online T-Break debates at least they are listening – I’d rather be hated than ignored.” Gary

You can find descriptions of the bands sound in the form of wee paragraphs on the T-Break website if you like too.


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