Record review: The Long Lies – ‘Trouble’

I want to like this track, but I just can’t; there’s something pedestrian and commonplace about it that means that it washes over you, rather than grabbing you by the scruff of your neck.

There’s definitely potential here, but everything seems content with just getting by.

The drums aren’t big and aggressive enough to drive the track forward, The guitars are smooth and safe, and don’t veer enough into that grimy, raw territory that we associate with proper distortion.

The vocals come across in a lethargic, apathetic manner – the one voice in the band that has to convey the message properly or all is lost.

It’s not just the production that lets this song down; the structure itself is missing a middle eight or solo section where there could be an effective climax – the song doesn’t build enough towards the end and just finishes like that.

The Long Lies are a band that could be going places, if they iron out the creases, because there’s clearly talent there.

Unfortunately, ‘Trouble’ has one too many creases to make an impact effectively.

Words: Matthew Slater

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