Record review: Poor Frisco – Swim

Opener ‘You Can Be A Loner’ gives a new definition to easy listening, benefiting from tight yet somewhat simplistic guitar and letting you know just what Poor Frisco are about.

The harmonica on ‘On Your Mind’ will be stuck in your head all day but while the lyrics and vocals are strong the repetition does go into overkill.

The strong, dark lyrics contrast the tone of the catchy tune, but that in itself will have you whistling all day.

‘Swim’ is no doubt the song that best matches lead singer Callum McSorley’s voice and casts away the remaining shadows about the bands ability.

The lyrics are dark yet poignant and the song only gets better with listening.

Overall, a very good little release and a band definitely worth checking out in the future.

Words: Stephen McIlkenny

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