Record review: Jesus H. Foxx – Endless Knocking

Halfway between ambient and post-rock, Endless Knocking by Jesus H. Foxx can be compared to The Mars Volta and Sigur Ros in places – polar opposites of each other.

One has lush, orchestral arrangements while the other has pace-y, complex progressive patterns.

For that reason, it’s hard to pin down Jesus H. Foxx to one particular genre – not that they seem all that bothered about it.

Stylistically, they don’t really follow a formula.

The band of seven (three guitarists, one drummer, one bassist, one keyboardist and a multi-instrumentalist cornet player – oh and they all sing) create a sound that is so thick, murky and at times, visceral that the only strand that remains the same is the atmosphere they create.

Words: Matthew Slater

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