Record review: Maple Leaves – Robots

Glasgow-based folk and pop quartet Maple Leaves follow up from last year’s Threads, which was released-perhaps purposefully-on the romantic day of February 14th with four track EP Robots.

The group merged following a successful open mic evening in 2008, when singer Anna Miles and Julian Corrie impressed each other with their abilities and the duo began writing soaring harmonies to create cheery pop songs.

Corrie has since taken the role of producer of the group, with ML recruiting Graeme Thomson (drums), Ross Kelly (bass) and most recently, guitarist Fraser MacPherson.

Along with the beautiful, liquid like voice of Miles, which works so well on tracks such as ‘Tapestry’ (and now ‘Robots’), their latest offering includes an interjection of clarinet in ‘Missing Parts’ and brass in ‘Those Arms’.

Final track ‘Still Life’ is wonderfully twee, with great harmonies and the occasional note from the xylophone for good measure.

Robots has all the elements you’d expect from Maple Leaves; laid back, tuneful tracks that aren’t taken too seriously yet greatly appreciated by many.

  1. Words: Ben Bookless

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