Record review: The OK Social Club – ‘The Late 90’s’ [Platform]

For a band that has only been playing together for 12 months, The OK Social Club is producing indie music of great maturity.

‘The Late 90’s’ is the second single released by the Edinburgh lads following ‘The Shape of Things to Come’ in March.

The title track sounds like the Scottish equivalent of a Strokes’ hit, only with more humorous lyrics: “I used to finish your sentences… but now I don’t know what you’re on about”.

“’The Shape of Things to Come’ was an introduction to what the band sound like,” explains Bassist Burn, “but ‘The Late 90’s’ shows our punk side and gives people a taste of our live energy”.

B-side ‘Hey What Happened’ is a sing-along stomper with a catchy guitar riff weaving alongside the lyrics and ‘Dirty Buzz’ has clear music influence from the likes of The Arctic Monkeys.

”It’s great that people are eager to hear more from us.

“We want to release new stuff as much as we can, that’s why we’re putting a couple of B-sides on each of our singles” frontman Eragona says with an appreciation for their fans.

“Expectations are high and that’s a good thing, it keeps us on our toes.”

Check these guys out if indie-rock is your thing or you simply need to have a head-banging season to put a smile on your dial.

Words: Ben Bookless

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