Record review: Meursault – Something For The Weakened [Song, By Toad]

Something For The Weakened is the eagerly awaited third album from Edinburgh-based Meursault, and boy is it an absolute belter of a record.

Their first album to be recorded in a proper studio is arguably their strongest, darkest, and most polished piece of work to date; and includes the addition of drums, bass and strings to the original electronica-infused mix as seen on previous works.

Opener ‘Thumb’ is a delicate and somewhat vulnerable start to proceedings, but this tenderness is soon smashed into smithereens with the confident ‘Fittin’’.

Neil Pennycook’s triumphant howl is prominent, and you cannot hide from his impressive vocal range.

‘Lament From A Tennage Millionaire’, originally a synthy-based track from second album Pissing On Bonfires – Kissing With Tongues, has been stripped back to produce something simple and quite wonderful.

The stand out track comes from the unbelievable ‘Settling’, which starts off delicate and lulls you into a false sense of security, before Pennycook spits out the perfectly menacing “so ha-fucking-ha”.

The beat then thrusts into action, and his vocal becomes boisterous and confidant as the track builds up into a frenzied crescendo.

The mournful waltz of ‘Hole’ and the piercing ‘Dearly Distracted’ really showcase Pennycook’s striking, and at times, beautifully painful voice; pinpointing each and every note allowing his distinctive scottish twang to poke through at times.

The poppy and vivacious ‘Dull Spark’ highlights Meursault’s newly found confidence and shows a slight change in direction for the band, while maintaining enough of a bite to keep things interesting.

Such subtle changes in style have made a huge impact in producing what is truly an outstanding piece of work.

Words: Erica Lennie


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