Interview: Holy Esque

Holy Esque are a Glasgow-based four piece, that despite having only been playing together for just over a year, are making momentous ripples throughout the Scottish and UK music scene, and beyond.

The band is made up of Pat Hynes (guitar/vocals), Keir Reid (keys), Hugo McGinley (guitar) and Ralph McClure (drums), who formed though mutual friends and from meeting while studying together at the Glasgow School of Art.

Together they set aside five days in a Glasgow south-side flat, set up a DIY studio, and with the help of their producer Kevin Burleigh, set about recording their mighty self-titled EP.

“It all came together quite naturally, and Kev was really supportive and put us in the right direction” said lead singer Hynes.

While Hynes struggled to paraphrase the bands musical influences, stating that “everyone in the band is different with their own personal tastes, which I think comes across quite well on the record”, it is still easy to draw comparisons to like likes of We Are Augustines, with Hynes’s husky, bluesy, and heart-felt vocals.

Each and every lyric is sung with such utter conviction and emotion, and is truly outstanding stuff which sets them worlds apart from the competition.

When it comes to instruments, Holy Esque are keeping things refreshingly simple with just a guitar, keyboard and drums. Unusually there is the absence of a bass guitar, a bold move perhaps, but totally justified and unnoticeable, and allows room for the other instruments to shine along side Hynes anthemic vocal.

Each track on the EP was written collectively by the band, allowing everyone to have an impact and influence on their specific roles- a smart move if you ask me.

Hynes couldn’t pick a favourite track from the EP, however did cite ‘Ladybird Love’ as a possible contender.

Holy Esque will be donned the famous King Tuts’ stage on July 20 as part of their Summer Nights festivities, and have also been confirmed as the support for The Ravonettes later on in the year.

They will also be having a single launch for ‘Tear’ in The Old Blue Last, London on August 7.

The single will also be available for download for those who can’t make it along.

Finally, Hynes stated: “It’s important that we focus on what we’re doing over the next few months” and confirmed that an album was definitely something the band had thought about and would love to do.

I really hope they think some more about that, as a Holy Esque album would be very exciting indeed.

Words: Erica Lennie

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