Record review: Algernon Doll – Camomile

You’re sitting in front of your computer.  You’ve just downloaded Camomile, the debut album by Algernon Doll.  Eagerly you press play.  A sorrowful yet nostalgic piano begins to play.  In come the strings, an eerie sound adding an anxiety to the piece.  The piano stops.  The strings go on slowly fading out.  Where is this going you wonder.  Bang!  In comes a jolly acoustic finger picked guitar that couldn’t be more out of place.  What the hell just happened you wonder, did my iTunes break? 

The first track on this album should be ’Spiral Sounds’, the first track on the album is ‘The Great Western Snowfield’, described above, they just don’t fit skip track one it works much better.

There is a depth and an anxiety to this album that goes beyond the lyrics and remains consistent from start to finish.

There are a lot of levels instrumentally and there is a lot going on but it is done very subtly and it is very well mixed.

As a result you will find an album that doesn’t get old, on the flip side you probably won’t notice the first time through.

I can’t think of anything to realistically compare this to, it’s unique musically and vocally.  Go listen for yourself!

Suggested tracks: ‘Son of a Gun, Brother to None’, ‘Feather to Fall’

Algernon Doll

Words: Robin Sapkota

Algernon Doll play Nice N Sleazy tonight with esperi and Lovers Turn To Monsters


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