Live review: Torche, The Cosmic Dead at ABC2, 15/09/12

First up tonight is four piece (although only three tonight) home town act The Cosmic Dead, whocan only really be described as psycadelic or space rock but it feels unfair to label them in any genre.

These three guys as much in tune with their instruments (guitar, keyboard and drums) as they are with each other.

For the whole set, the music never stops as they enter into what seems to be an epic jam session, intermingling growling guitar with drum beats, electronic sounds and occasional vocals.

Of course the whole set could be one 40-minute song, who can tell?

It feels like they are taking us on a guided tour of space itself, it is an interesting ride even if towards the end I feel just not informed and/or stoned enough to properly “get it”.

I don’t think most of the crowd would agree with me though as they are taken away and then brought back down to earth abrubtly when the set ends.

Torche are soon to follow, currently touring around Europe on the back of their most recent album release Harmonicraft.

A strange pairing are The Cosmic Dead and Torche as they feel like they are from different ends of the rock spectrum (maybe the different climates between Glasgow and Miami inspire different kinds of music!).

Torche being described as stoner metal, they surprised me with their energy and enthusiasm.

They play hard and fast and loud (my ears are still ringing!), most songs being only a few minutes long.

With little audience interaction they let the music speak for itself, moving quickly between songs, clearly playing what the fans came to hear as they sing and head-bang along enthusiastically.

Torche are a refreshing breath of fresh air, with heavy riffs and clear vocals, their energy quickly spills over from the stage and it’s very hard not to be swept up in it.

A very enjoyable set that ends all too quickly, Torche mention that it’s been a long time since they were in Glasgow and I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping they make it back here sometime soon.

Words/Photos: Ann-Margaret Campbell

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