Live review: Stanley Odd at Stereo, 20/9/12

Bounding on to the stage greeting the crowd with a big wave and a “hi” Solareye immediately have the attention of a packed Stereo and keeps it right to the last song.

The smile on his face too will be a near permanent fixture for the next hour and a half.

Tonight’s set will consist of songs from debut album Oddio as well as songs from brand new album Reject.

Stanley Odd have a very enthusiastic fan base and many know the words to a lot of the songs from the new album even though it was released under a week ago.

After ‘Reject is Will The Last One Out Please Turn Out the Lights’ a particularly enthusiastic fan shouts “you guys are brilliant” to which Solareye replies “cheers”.

Stanley Odd is, at times, very political and at this time of recession and a referendum it’s a good thing and there is plenty to write about.

‘Antiheroics’ is one of these political songs and is one of the many in which Solareye is abley assisted by singer Veronika Electronika.

Her voice is particularly stunning live and the interaction between the singer and the MC is great to watch.

Introducing ‘Join the Club’ Solareye explains that it started when they were thinking of times that they had gone to La Bell Angele.

This led to him trying to get as many names of clubs and pubs as possible in a song – he got in fifty-three including Stereo which gets a big cheer.

As well as being quite political Stanley Odd also have some deeply personal songs and it is one of these, ‘Carry Me Home’, that is performed next with Solareye describing it as similar to a group therapy session.

New single ‘Killergram’ is a highlight as is previous single ‘Get out ma Headspace’.

Prior to beginning the audience are encouraged to join in by singing “get out ma headspace”, there are a couple of practice runs before Solareye proclaims himself satisfied and the audience throw themselves into this audience participation with gusto.

“This is our last song” Solareye announces to a chorus of boos before performing ‘Going Through The Motions’.

At the end the band make a half hearted attempt at leaving the stage, “we had no intention of going anywhere” Solareye says before launching into ‘Think of a Number’.

“This really is our last song” he announces before performing and this time actually leaving the stage to a lot of cheers and applause.

Stanley Odd and indeed Scottish hip hop in general is something fresh and new and something that appeals to a surprisingly wide range of people judging by tonight’s audience.

Their show is absolutely captivating and the audience appear to barely be able to keep their eyes off the stage.

Words: Ealasaid MacAlister
Photos: Ann-Margaret Campbell

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