Record review: Battery Face – Addams Family Values [Electropapknit/Dirty Beard]

This, their debut album Addams Family Values, is basically you going away with a bounce in your step after being screamed at in the face.

These members of PVH, Copy Haho and Deathpodal have been jamming for two years now trying to find the ideal formula to make girls dance or something, instead they’ve produced some self-confidence, commanding art punk that is much more than the waves contemporary mid-80s influenced hardcore and post punk on offer.

The record begins on the frenzied wall of noise ‘Gomez’, which builds entrancing melodies that thrust the listener into the record as quickly as the track finishes and they’re thrown away.

‘ITT’ is a similar fiery affair with foot tapping riffs spun off free noise, and vice-versa, and then it’s all over again, too soon.

For a nine-track album Addams Family Values is over before you can name all the members of the illustrious animated family, without looking at the track list that is, eight of the nine tracks are named after those characters as a wee touch of novelty.

‘Lurch’ quickly works off a heavy beginning to display angular addictive punk riffs and affected chanted vocals, and acts as one of the popier moments on offer, while ‘Pugsley’ is a lo-fi churning affair with vocals deep in the mix behind layers of feedback or frantic guitars, it’s intense and engrossing stuff.

‘Fester’ continues along the same vain, it’s frenetic and fun, this is a band you creating a ball of energy in a tiny basement or tearing up a flat party down West Princes Street.

‘Morticia’ acts as a settling bliss before the harsh synths of ‘Wednesday’ propels the album to some kind of hysterical apocalyptic rise to finish on snarly vocals and feedback drenched screeching guitar and then it’s all done and you can go grab another can.

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