Live review: Peace (w/ photos of Carousels, Strawberry Ocean Sea) at Mono, 25/10/12

Frontman Harrison Koisser prowls around Mono’s stage (assuming you can call it a stage) with a swagger and stare to match his unconventional sand trench with black leggings get-up for tonight.

Fresh from considerable national radio airplay, including live sessions and honourable mentions for best new music Peace roll into town as part as promotion for recently released EP Delicious.

The group open with ‘Ocean’s Eye’, a three-minute grunge inspired dirge: “read between the lines,” snarls Koisser.

In between sampler requests and pleas for “more vocals” Peace launch into the psychedelic double act that is first single ‘Follow Baby’ and ‘Lil’.

The latter brings a shoegaze element to the set, suggesting a wider palette to the band than just the usual indie fare.

The chaotic jangly guitars of ‘California Daze’ complete with blissful harmonies (“tastes like sunlight/were you born to live or born to die”), has ears pricking and toes tapping.

Wrapping up proceedings with latest radio number ‘Bloodshake’ the Birmingham outfit possibly save the best for last: “spit blood in the sun/spit blood in the ocean”, its bongo infused drums and screaming guitars have student radio favourite written all over it.

Playing out an extended rendition of the single complete with closing drum thrashing the band’s six-song gig is over all too soon.

Quite why a band, who clearly shows no lack of talent, would choose to exclude the title track of the recording they are currently attempting to promote is something this reviewer cannot fathom.

Choosing to refrain from adding 10 minutes to your show, which to is only 20 minutes long and finishing 40 minutes before curfew would appear a strange tactic.

While it is a cover there is little doubt 10 minute epic ‘Delicious’ is the standout track of the EP.

I can only imagine the band may have been a tad miffed at the turnout for the gig, to say Mono was well under capacity would be a major understatement and an estimate of 30 something people would be generous.

Perhaps the change of venue played its part, whatever the reason, should Peace conjure enough material for an album worth of music at the standard of ‘Delicious’ then it’s the bigger venues they’ll require on speed dial not too far down the line.

Words: Andy Quigley
Photos: Beth Chalmers

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