Record review: The Mirror Trap – The Visible Hand


Dundee’s The Mirror Trap spent 2012 putting together a comprehensible jigsaw of hype.

“Keep them drunk and keep them numb” perhaps an ironic opening statement on opener ‘Future Lionheart’ considering the bands bold intent to lure the vulnerable listener into a firm grasp.

Following all of the talk, could the Mirror Trap walk the walk when it really mattered? Well on the four tracks on show here, they certainly manage to hold their own.

Soaring choruses and dripping intricate guitar lines leak all over the shop.

There is a consistency and delivery on each of the four tracks that oozes confidence and swagger in abundance.

There is, however, an over reliance of reverb and pedal theatrics, for some bands it works – A Place To Bury Strangers a perfect example, but here there is more harm than good to the overall sound.

The Mirror Trap sound at their best when they keep things simple, as demonstrated on EP closer ‘She Talks’ when sweeping guitars loop into a simple melodic vocal, there is a frivolous and atmospheric dribble of sound which works incredibly well together.

On show within The Visible Hand is a band desperate to thrill and intrigue.

If the Mirror Trap can enhance their basic delivery and eliminate the needless reliance on over delivery then the ball is very much in their court to create something fantastic.

Words: Chris Kelman


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