Record review: Verse Metrics – Radians [Return of Order]


Dim down the lights, pour yourself a cheeky wee Jack Daniels on the rocks and sit yourself down – once you have done that, put this little treat on and relax.

There is an air of vitality and validity that saunters around Radians.

Perhaps it is the fact that Verse Metrics have managed to capture the Sunday haze smoothness of the nostalgic Midwest American Indie sound typified by the likes of Mineral and American Football without straying too far from their Scottish roots.

Quite the achievement especially when you consider that every melody and harmony showcased on Radians is dipped in exquisite musicianship with very little give or room for breath.

‘Algorithms’ is built around wave after wave of intense flooding guitars, every stroke that bit more fluorescent with intent.

If ‘Algorithms’ is based on intensifying guitars, then ‘Semaphore’ hones itself off of haunting and seeping vocals.

‘Aches’ bends differently altogether, taking the simmering vocals and hammering them through a wall of blending guitars and bass.

There are small hints of Mogwai to be found on ‘Aches’, a charismatic blend of grandeur and rawness grates together to create something epic and diverse.

It is closing track ‘Logarithms’ that ties up the whole package beautifully.

Pressed against a dramatic symphony of brushing drumbeats and the impressively evocative vocal delivery of Robert Dick you can’t help but be won over by the charm and delicacy of this Scottish quartet.

In Radians you have one of the best collections of Scottish music to have been heard in the past twelve months.

Words: Chris Kelman

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