Record review: The 10:04’s – ‘Lights Out’


Opening with a wall of feedback ‘Lights Out’ pulls no punches, it may sound like an Interpol b-side (but better than The Editors) and channel in some We Were Promised Jetpacks and The Twilight Sad comparisons but it has a slight unique quality about it that’s hard to put your finger on.

The track was produced by Tony Doogan, who along with being constantly credited recording of Belle & Sebastian also worked with Mogwai and Super Furry Animals, the latter two being more apparent on this record.

On ‘Lights Out’, guitar riffs are thrown at you, drums punch through into your chest and a thickened Scottish accent sings melancholy, reflecting upon the words leaving it’s mouth as they’re sung.

The 10:04’s have a future ahead of them, success with high profile supports and bizarrely a CNN use of a track has them on some high ranking radars, whether they can deliver on this potential obviously remains to be seen.

However, with ‘Lights Out’ they have laid a foundation that could very well make 2013 their year, but it may mean taking a few risks to get out of the shadows of some fellow Scottish artists.

Words: Ryan Sharpe


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