Live review: Carnivores, United Fruit, Clockwork Social at Tut’s, 24/1/13


Taking a look around Tut’s tonight, you could easily mistake the sold out crowd as one for a Scottish local music awards ceremony.

Such is a gathering that includes members of local heroes Twin Atlantic, Fatherson and So Many Animal Calls – tonight is brimming with proof that there is real sense camaraderie between rising Scottish bands at the moment – that in itself is incredibly encouraging to see.

Tonight, however, the focus is placed firmly on two of those rising bands; Carnivores and United Fruit.

This will be the first time that Carnivores will grace the stage as a flexing five-piece, with all eyes of the local music community fixed on the band, it was always important that they stood up and delivered an earth shattering show tonight.

For United Fruit, this show is a chance to showcase new material, with weighty expectations constantly rising on the band to fully recognize their potential in 2013 and become an absolute juggernaut, tonight is a vital episode for the quartet.

Much like Carnivores, it is a chance they do not let slip.

First on tap tonight is Clockwork Social, the start of their set is plagued with sound difficulties making the vocals hard to distinguish, however, once those early problems dissolve – the band whip out an encouraging arsenal of well-deliberated noise.

By the end of their set the boys have managed to amass some new fans and a lot more respect from a crowd swimming with musical peers.

United Fruit is here and they can’t stop shaking as the band smash through a blinding 45min set you cannot help but be amazed at the amount of stage presence the band possess.

Sweat drips and drops across the floor as they relentlessly smash through a mixture of old and new songs (crucially the new songs more than stand up to old).

Polished diversity flourishes through the impact of now possessing such a strong back catalogue.

Interchanging vocals swirl and unfold at rapid pace on the finer moments of the set, maximizing these moments on future efforts will only go to further enhance this evolving powerhouse of a band.

By the time Carnivores bring proceedings to a sweaty and chaotic conclusion, you would be hard pushed to find a single grim face in attendance.

Racking the noise levels up to 11, the band capitalise on the new found swagger, which is demonstrated with two additional members.

Tonight their machine is a more slickly and consistently operated piece of production than it ever has been before – with a complete set of tools on hand, the band slay through absolutely everything in their path tonight.

“You’re not a fucking part of this” screams bassist and vocalist Grant MacCall, but that is where he is wrong not one person in this room tonight would rather be anywhere else, as tracks such as “Anyone Up For An Exorcism” completely enthral.

It is unclear whether or not the band will do further shows as a five-piece; one thing is certain, though, tonight there was an extra sizzle and sophistication to the dynamic and balance of the band.

This is a dynamic that should not be underplayed by either band or fans, the key to further success surely lies in this beefed up motherboard of a sound.

Words: Chris Kelman


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