Live review: Metz, Battery Face, Blades at Broadcast, 29/1/13


It’s only three months since Metz were last in Glasgow tearing up The Art School but it seems their fanbase has grown, not surprising since their debut album, Metz, had only been out a week or so at that point.

For anyone who was at the previous show the three-piece had set high standards as they blew the ears off all in attendance and left everyone gasping for more.

Before they get a second opportunity to rip up another of Glasgow’s stages, there’s the no small matter of two bands from Stonehaven, Blades and Battery Face.

Blades deliver cruising lush post-punk sounds, pouring reverb over pop drenched tracks to open to a healthy crowd, even more impressive is that this is their first gig – surely a daunting prospect when some acts won’t see this big a crowd in their lifespan.

It’s safe to say Blades won’t suffer this fate, there’s loads of promise here and while their sound isn’t entirely original and it become slightly repetitive, these guys look devastatingly young so one can only imagine things will only improve.

Then it’s up to the town’s more seasoned act to pump out proceedings and they don’t let down as the majorly guitar driven three-piece ram noise down your throat and leave your ears ringing.


Yes, Battery Face have sounded more impressive with more members and they might look a touch clean cut for their basement band sound, but who cares as they create a monster sound with sinister keyboard leads and frantic vocals coming in over walls of frantic guitar.

It’s impressive and fun, and while not everyone’s cup of tea they fit delightfully before the pure ball of energy that is Metz.

These three Canadian’s aren’t ones to be letting anyone down as they set off like a flash powering through a short yet enthralling set that just goes to lift them as one of the best live bands touring just now.

It’s the sheer energy that frontman Alex Edkins and bassist Chris Slorach produce that makes them such an addictive live prospect, the two barely stay still as the frenzied attack of their super driven post punk wins over those in attendance and quickly throws them into a mess of nodding heads and flailing bodies.

Album opener ‘Headache’ seems to be the catalyst to start the crowd off as the drum led intro breaks to siren like effects them explodes into action; from then on there’s no looking back.


Metz may still be early in their career and they’ve still to tackle that second album but if they keep this live intensity they’ll be bringing people out in their droves for years to come.

Strangely enough they’re back in Glasgow in May to take part in a mouth watering prospect of a show with heavyweights Titus Andronicus and Fucked Up, two bands that you can quite easily imagine Metz equaling and maybe overtaking in popularity if they keep delivering on this level.

Photos: Gordon Ballantyne

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