Record review: Orphans – ‘Before It Itches’


As ‘Before It Itches’ opens up with it’s driving bass and eerie tinkling it’s almost Pixies-eqsue but as Ophans throw their tightly scratched chords at you it’s apparent that this is an entirely different beast.

Almost dissonant in places the guitars argue over each other debating for prominence and bestowing the urge upon you to flail your arms around like Morrissey.

This isn’t indie, it’s not hardcore, it’s two minutes and 51 seconds of music that your gran’s going to hate but you’ll find yourself Lemming marching to any venue these guys take to the stage in.

The Motherwell based quartet really don’t pull any punches or take any prisoners on this assault into your auditory cortex and though it might not be catchy enough to hum on the bus home, you’ll have it on repeat, for as long as your ears can handle.

Just refrain from moshing in the priority seating.

Words: Ryan Sharpe


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